Vintrock Studios

Some may have noticed that my LinkedIn profile changed, indicating I am an “Aspiring Game Designer”. Well, I’ve upgraded that a little: I’m now a Game Builder, and I have co-founded a new company called Vintrock Studios Ltd. with Jonathan Kohl. We’re still working on getting into some semblance of shape (and talking to graphic designers to get a logo and such). But Jonathan and I are going to try our hand at a game for iOS. I won’t say much about it yet, but we’ve made some good progress, and our goal is to have it available this spring. A new chapter for at least the next year, and possibly beyond. We’ll see how it goes. No matter what, at least it will be fun!

Will OS X Become macOS?

There have been rumours that OS X, the operating system for the Macintosh, will be renamed “macOS”.  I certainly hope so. Frankly, I think Apple pushing the whole “OS X” thing was baffling and an exercise in futility. I may not be a marketing person, but when the product’s name is confusing, that is a bad thing.

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My Newest App Now Available

My latest app is now on the iTunes App Store. The app, 2Calc, is a two’s complement calculator, so it isn’t exactly a mainstream thing. However, its release is part of a “clean up” I did with my apps. It was also a chance for me to try building an app in Swift.

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Large Images Crash iOS

While I’ve reported the bug to Apple, I thought I would pass along a problem I found in iOS. I have only tested this in iOS 9.3.1. Basically, using a large PNG image in a UIImageView can cause iOS to crash on some devices. It works fine in the simulator. I have created a simple iOS app in Objective-C to demonstrate the bug.

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Making Grids Of Buttons in iOS

From time to time, we want to have a grid of buttons or other controls in our apps. Usually, they are to support some kind of keypad-like interface. Sure, you could use the keyboard itself, but that doesn’t always gel with the UI you are trying to present, or the workflow you want to support. You can try to use the Auto Layout features now in iOS. But I found there’s a simpler, and less frustrating, way to do this, using the UICollectionView.

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Over-the-top Hyperbole At WWDC

Lots will be written about the new Apple Music service. Plenty will be said about the updates to OS X and iOS. I don’t see the point in re-hashing what happened, because none of it is “change the world” stuff in my mind, A few neat things, and some stuff copied from other systems. But there were 2 things that happened that caught my attention: no detailed update on “the numbers”, and over-the-top hyperbole on the impact of mobile apps.

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My First Mac App Is Now Available

After a slight goof on my part, the Mac version of Nomina is available on the Mac App Store. Like it’s iOS counterpart, the app will generate “names” by building up random syllables. Future features for the apps will include iCloud integration (so that your settings and such are the same across all your devices), better support for internationalization, more sophisticated name generation rules, and using the names to create URLs, which the app can test for availability.