Am I Happy To Go To WWDC This Year?

I managed to win the WWDC 2013 lottery and get a ticket. I’ve written and trashed at least 2 very long posts about the complaining I’ve read from those that didn’t get in (or just don’t like how fast the tickets sold). But I realize that it is pointless. No matter what system Apple uses to sell tickets, there are about 50x more people who want to go than can go. It seems most people are determined to ignore this basic fact.

I’ve already covered why bigger venues (or a different city) probably won’t work. Even if Apple switched to some kind of lottery, there would still be those who act as if they are more deserving of a ticket, or complain that the system is rigged or unfair in some way. It’s a game Apple can’t win. The best they can hope is to not lose too badly. At least this year we had a chance to prepare to participate. I missed out last year (and it was my own fault), but I’m glad I get to go this year. I am not making assumptions about whether I can go next year or not. If I do, great. If not, oh well. It won’t be the first event I’ve missed out on, and it won’t be the last. You see, I know this one basic fact about the universe: life’s not fair. I deal with it, and move on.