Why The Long Blog Posts?

My blog posts are long. I know this. What I haven’t done is try to fix it. I believe the problem stems from three things. First, a desire to explain all of the background and evidence I have to support my argument (or refute others). Second, I have spent the better part of the last 2 decades working on financial market systems. They are typically complex pieces of software, even the simple stuff. They are meant to embody complex (and sometimes contradictory) rules. As such, describing them, and how they do or will work, takes a lot of words. It takes a lot of evidence. That habit has spilled over in other areas Last is a habit of taking on somewhat complex topics. There are nuances that are important. Or ones that I think are important. I’m probably just overcomplicating things.

Even this post is too long. See, I just started a second paragraph. It’s time to focus, be succinct and get to the point. That is one of my goals as a writer. Brevity is the soul of wit. Time to develop some soul.


2 thoughts on “Why The Long Blog Posts?

  1. Kratz, I think your long blog posts are fine. Noam Chomsky contends the problem with our societal focus on concision is that it prevents us from communicating anything that is unconventional or complex (to your point). you can only communicate things that are already known / conventional in a 30sec sound bite. If you intend to change minds or present a contrary view, concision won’t do it. Chomsky is correct.

  2. +1. I like them the way they are, and I know a thing or two about technical writing and editing. In fact, one of the magazines I have done work for are interested in recruiting you for curated pieces.

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