An Even Bigger Question About The Surface

Here’s probably the biggest question I can ask about the Surface: will I get one? The answer: yes. Not a qualified “yes”. Not a “probably yes”. But a definite “yes”. But why?

In part because I’m a technology junkie. I would have bought an HP TouchPad during the firesale, had I been better organized (missed out by a couple of hours, dithering over whether I should or not). I’ve been tempted to get a Playbook, just to mess around with it, but I want the price to come down more first. I’ve done some work on Android, so I own a 7″ Galaxy Tab. I wouldn’t call what I have a collection, more of an “accumulation”. But I do have a weakness for electronics.

I also use a variety of technology in what I do. For the past couple of years, my primary platform has been a Mac, but I do use Windows for some tasks. I have a couple of Windows machines at home that my kids use. I also use Linux from time to time, and used it a lot (including as my primary computing, coding and productivity platform) in a previous venture. The reality is that, if you are going to do things in my primary industry (financial markets technology), you have to support Windows, which means you need to stay familiar with it. Besides, Windows is perfectly adequate platform for day-to-day computing. I’m looking at a new venture, and Windows is on the list of office technologies we are considering. A lot of people I expect to hire are already familiar with it, and the people I will need to maintain the IT environment already know it. Choosing Windows removes a number of barriers that can slow a start-up down.

So yes, I will get a Surface. I still haven’t decided which one (the ARM-based one or the Intel version), but I have time to decide. Depending on the budget, I may very well get one of each. I guess the one advantage of such a long lead time between announcement and ship is that I have time to decide which I want.