If You’re Going to Suggest Regulations, Research First

Apparently, an NDP MP doesn’t see the need to actually research a topic before suggesting regulating it. Glenn Thibeault, the NDP consumer critic, has suggested standardization for cell phone chargers to eliminate waste. Apparently the Right Honourable Thibeault is completely unaware of the regulations for chargers put in place in the EU in 2009, which most manufactures have complied with since 2010. Or better, hasn’t actually bought a new device in some time. Most phones (if not all of them now) use one of two standard USB connection (the mini-B or micro-B), and will charge from pretty much any USB source (wall charger, car charger, laptop, desktop, USB connection in many new cars and trucks). The one oddball is the Apple 30-pin connector. But, I haven’t had to carry multiple chargers for devices for several years. A single 10-watt Apple charger, one of each of the 3 cable types (which I need for other devices anyways), and I’m good to go. Sometimes, I’ll dispense with the charger and just use the laptop. This is a pretty common tale, at least among people that I know.

It appears that it is easier to call for regulation without first really looking at the state of the industry.