To Apple Shareholders and Analysts: Chill Out

So, Steve decided to pull the trigger and end his tenure at Apple. While many would have hoped that Steve would continue on indefinitely, the reality is we knew this day would come eventually. Yes, it would be better if Steve were still at Apple. He was instrumental in turning the company around, and was a big part of its recent hits. But, as is typical with many stock analysts and shareholders, they are (and will) react to news like this by hammering the share price. They are misguided. They need to calm down and think, rather than just react. This development may not be great, but the reality of this world is that Steve was going to leave, one way or another. To expect otherwise is simply delusional.

Is Steve’s departure a negative for Apple? Sure it is, just as losing any other senior person would be. Is it a fatal blow? Not hardly. Anyone who believes that Steve, and Steve alone, is responsible for Apple’s success ignores the depth of talent that surrounds him. They do a disservice to all the creative and intelligent people that work at Apple. You can bet that Steve was important, but you can also bet that others contributed significantly to the products we’ve seen so far. The past and future product plans are a result of a team of people, working toward a common goal.

However, there are going to be the alarmists that will push the panic button and declare that Apple will fail without Steve. I fully expect many doom-and-gloom predictions. But, the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac are still out there, and still selling well. The next iPhone is coming. The next iPad will be out next year. Apple isn’t going to sit still, and rational people know that Steve isn’t the only force behind each and every idea, upgrade or change. All the Apple products will continue to improve, simply because Apple has other smart, creative, imaginative and capable people. Apple should be in good hands with Tim Cook and the rest of the company’s management.

Best of luck to Steve. I wish him well. As for Apple: I’m not worried. I don’t see why anyone else should.