WWDC Will Be What It Will Be

Now that the Apple World Wide Developers Conference dates are official (I’ve got my ticket), we get to enjoy the spectacle of the news industry guessing what will and will not be announced. Naturally, the conference web page says nothing about new product announcements, but the 2010 page said nothing either. There are the rumours going around that Apple won’t be announcing the next iPhone at the conference, but if the prototype that was lost in 2010 hadn’t appeared, I expect there would have been the same guesses. That isn’t to say that Apple won’t shake things up, and not announce something at the conference. Apple does like to keep the industry on its toes, but it does have a bit of a pattern, at least for the last couple of years. In the first quarter, we’ll find out about the next iPad. WWDC was for the iPhone. iPods get presented around September. Mac updates happen whenever without a formal event, except for big announcements of something brand new (like the MacBook Air).

However, I find it unlikely that Apple would miss an opportunity to wow the news media and the faithful. It may not be the new iPhone, but the potential exists for an updated MacBook Air. The device will be coming up on one year old, and if the goal is to have a bit more emphasis on the Mac, then announcing a new Mac would be the logical choice. Who nows, maybe it will be some radical new machine like an iOS-based game console or an upgrade to the current Apple TV that turns it into a full-on iOS device that runs apps, games and such. Most of the rumours I’ve read so far are about what isn’t going to be announced, with very little talk about what might be announced.

Watching these various news sites try to guess and get a “scoop” that only lasts a few seconds, maybe a few minutes at most, can be mildly entertaining. In the end, we’ll have to wait until June 6 to know for certain (a) who comes out on stage and (b) what Apple presents to the masses. Until then, let the guessing begin!