Confusion Around PlayBook Announcement?

RIM announced today the 4G version of the PlayBook tablet will be released in the US in the summer of this year, with Sprint as the carrier. Where’s the confusion? Well, apparently some journalists (like this one at Barron’s) are playing this up as the product being ‘late’, and apparently the market is reacting negatively to this news (RIMM was down about 1.5% as of the time of writing), with the unofficial street consensus being that this is later than expected.

What’s the truth? The truth is that RIM had already indicated that the 4G version of the PlayBook would be released a few months after the WiFi-only version (which is still slated for Q1 this year, probably sometime in March). It’s unfortunate that these so-called “analysts” and “journalists” can’t be bothered to do their homework. This release from RIM is right in line with what they said back in the fall when they first announced the device.