Console Boot on Smartphone

I’ve been working my way through Android the past few weeks, learning my way around as I get ready to write some apps for it. I’ll hold off any comparison and contrast to writing iOS apps for now. What I wanted to share was my first experience with the Android boot console. Fortunately, I’ve seen enough Linux and UNIX consoles in my day to not be alarmed. It is amusing, though, to see a bootloader prompt on what is supposed to be a consumer device. Apparently Android crashed (I’ve got 2.2 on a Nexus One, specifically a Google developer’s phone I ordered from Google). I’m not sure exactly what caused it to crash, but unfortunately, after trying a couple of different boot options, my only solution was to remove the battery. I haven’t bothered to dig into the root cause, or see if others have experienced a similar condition. I’m not sure that I really have the time to do that, nor do I think it is the best use of my time. Part of me wants to, but part of me knows I have other things to do.

Having a bootloader prompt for technologists is all well and good. Hopefully this sort of thing never appears on a non-technical retail consumer’s phone, because I am sure two things will happen. First, it will scare them. Second, it may prompt them to think twice about sticking with their Android phone. I’m guessing that this isn’t a widespread phenomenon, and I may never see the bootloader again. But the fact that I did is a bit telling about the maturity and level of integration of Android right now.


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  2. I’ve been following your blog since you started. You have made amazing progress. This site is an inspiration for all pursuing a long transition versus the big chop.

    – Rob

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