Another Excellent DevCamp

Today was iPhone DevCamp 4, held at the Alistair Ross Technology Centre and organized by Michael Sikorsky of Robots & Pencils. There were some formal presentations, starting with me presenting about using iAds, and some of my experiences with it. Paul Thorsteinson from Big Nerds in Disguise gave some small presentations and demos around using custom cell views and working with the new Retina Display. Brendan Duddridge, author of TapForms, presented some updates on the next revision of TapForms, and showed us how to use Sensible Cocoa’s Sensible Table Views. As always, there was a lot of free-flowing discussion during the presentations, with questions and people sharing their own thoughts and opinions.

Something new for this session was having a few people present their apps in progress. We had two developers that were new to iOS app development present their apps, and a third developer showed us some of the HTML/JavaScript-based tools he has been using to build native iOS apps. That generated some discussion around the merits and risks of using these higher-level tools, with the general theme being the positive of opening up the iOS platform to less technical people, but the risk of making it easier to have the App Store flooded with poor quality apps.

Overall, it was another good session. There were some familiar faces in the crowd, and a lot of new people. The sessions and the ad hoc discussions were both informative and entertaining, and I am looking forward to the next one. Now, to come up with another topic to present.


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