Got My First Feedback on Gearbox

Well, I got my first feedback on GearBox, in the form of a bug report. It was pretty easy to fix (and I should have caught it in testing), and the update has been submitted to the App Store for approval. What is cool is that the person who submitted it is actually using the tool as part of building engines, so this is usage “for real” rather than someone just fooling around with the app.

I’ve been curious to know what people are doing with GearBox, so part of the update includes reporting which tools in the app people are using. I can see from my analytics that the app is being used by several people, almost on a daily basis. Now its time to get some more insight into what people are using, and potentially adjust the app accordingly.

It is encouraging, though, that the app has some activity beyond friends buying the app out of courtesy (many thanks to all of them!) and people buying it out of curiosity.

As always, you can find more information on the app on the GearBox web page.