Industry Pundits Disappoint Themselves

I’ve been seeing a growing number of pieces on the Intertubes about the disappointment in the new iPad, and how it isn’t “living up to the hype”. It must be disappointing to these various alleged “experts” to not have some product live up to their imagined expectations. Let’s face it, who generated all this hype? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the company that made the device.

Let’s review the information, press releases and other data released by Apple prior to the January 27th announcement. Here is the list:

Hmm, nothing. That’s right: Apple didn’t say anything to either confirm or deny any of the rumours, guesses, wild prognostications or other predictions made by various venues. All of this “hype” was generated by industry experts and pundits. They’re the ones that claimed a wide variety of screen technologies, underlying software and base hardware to be used, and the features and services for the device. In some cases, they assumed silence was assent and therefore validated their guesses. Apple’s response to any query or guess was always the same: no comment. They didn’t confirm anything, they didn’t deny anything. Their suppliers and partners leaked some information, but some of the info reported appears to be for other devices that Apple isn’t making yet.

Is the iPad everything it could be? No, not really. Its still pretty cool, and I will be getting one. What’s missing? I still think it should have:

  • a forward-facing camera for video conferencing
  • a real GPS receiver
  • a built-in SD card slot
  • a built-in USB port
  • a built-in minidisplay port
  • a wide-screen form-factor
  • a matte screen (enough with the shiny screens already)

Do I think these will hold this generation back? Not at all. As I said, I will get one and there will be plenty of early adopters. Will there be a second-generation of the device? I fully expect there will be, and I suspect it may include some of the items I’ve listed and others I haven’t. Do I think the iPad is a disappointment? No, since Apple didn’t make any promises as to what it would or wouldn’t have (unlike other vendors which like to promise the sun, the moon and the stars and then look bad when they don’t deliver the goods or on time). The only “hype” was generated by the so-called experts and pundits. All they did was work themselves up into a frenzy, to the point where no product could hope to reasonably meet those expectations. So, don’t say that Apple disappointed the industry experts. Those experts only managed to disappoint themselves.