Changing Core Technologies: Conclusion

This is the conclusion of a multipart series on changing core technologies in a software system or software-based service. Part 1 discusses the costs, part 2 discusses the risks and part 3 discusses the roadblocks to change.

Change is inevitable. Requirements for your business and your customers will change over time. Technologies and vendors come and go. At some point, you will have to make a major change in your technology in your system. That simply cannot be helped. The key to surviving that change is to:

  • Understand the risks associated with the change
  • Understand the costs that come with change
  • Know the rewards that the change will provide
  • Balance the cost and risk against the rewards as well as you can

Recognize that, no matter how much you analyze the risks, costs and rewards, you will always miss something. The goal is to have a plan that not only addresses the technology change and how it will occur, but how you will deal with anything that was overlooked or unanticipated. That isn’t very different than any other project or business plan, and is hopefully part of your corporate culture.

I hope that this series was helpful in outlining some of the factors involved, and providing some ideas for how to make a technology change successful.