My Grandfather’s Book

Updated: Added link to print book on Amazon and a second CTV interview clip.

This is a shameless plug: my grandfather, Jack Hilton F/Lt (retired) CD, recently published a book about his experiences during World War II.

He was a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force, starting as an instructor on multiengine planes, and later being assigned to fighters. He flew the Hurricane, the P40 Warhawk (known as the Kittyhawk in the RCAF and RAF) and finally the Typhoon. The Typhoon was used as a high-speed low-level ground support plane, using 4 20mm cannons and either a bomb (up to 1,000lbs) or rockets) to take out targets on the ground. During his time during the war, he flew 100 missions, including providing air support for D-Day (Operation Overlord), Operation Market Garden and The Battle of The Bulge.

Jack was recently made a Knight in the French Legion of Honour for his service during D-Day and the liberation of France. The French have been adding a large number of veterans to the Legion of Honour for their service during the war. This comes in addition to his recognition from Holland for their liberation, as well as his Pacific Star, 1939-1945 Star, Aircrew Star (with France and Germany Clasps), Canadian Volunteer Services Medal (and clasp), War Medal 1939-1945 and Canadian Forces Decoration (CD).

Two interviews with CTV News are on-line here and here (heads up, both are autoplay). His book can be found in digital form at Amazon (the link to the Canadian store is here), as well as Chapters, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble. A print version is also available from Chapters (in Canada here) and Amazon (Canadian link here) on-line , and print versions are expected in other stores in the near future.

Jack is also hosting a book signing on November 21, from 1-3pm. It is at the Hamlets of Cedarwood Station, 304 – 1 Ave NW, Airdrie, Alberta.

Remember When Apple Was Building A Television?

The latest Apple rumour hype to make the rounds is their car which, according to “insiders”, will be shipping in 2019. Major publications have all jumped on this new bandwagon (just Google for it, the links are too numerous to bother including). It’s starting to sound like the Apple Television Round 2.

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Would Steve Really Not Like The Pencil?

Since the most recent Apple announcement including the new Apple Pencil, comments have gone around saying that Steve would never have done it. Some are resurrecting his past comments about how he hated them. Here’s the thing: Steve said a lot of things, but later did the polar opposite. This isn’t new, so I think we have to take what he said in the past with a fairly healthy dose of sodium chloride.

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Vintage Macintosh: Having A Collection

For some people, one or two vintage Macintoshes is all they want. It is an amusement, a trip back in time, a diversion. But for some (like me), they want a collection. They want to build a personal museum (or maybe a public museum) of vintage machines to both use and display. I’ve started down that road, and I’ve learned a few things so far. I know I will learn more, and I will pass those on over time.

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Are Your Servers Secure?

Here is an article I submitted to IOT Journal on IoT security. Most of the talk has focused on devices, but the servers may present an even bigger risk.

Making Grids Of Buttons in iOS

From time to time, we want to have a grid of buttons or other controls in our apps. Usually, they are to support some kind of keypad-like interface. Sure, you could use the keyboard itself, but that doesn’t always gel with the UI you are trying to present, or the workflow you want to support. You can try to use the Auto Layout features now in iOS. But I found there’s a simpler, and less frustrating, way to do this, using the UICollectionView.

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The AppleTV As Dominant Game Platform?

Part of the Apple announcement included a demonstration of gameplay. People expected this to be part of the package, and there has been a lot of talk about the AppleTV vs. the consoles like PS4 and XBox. An article such as this is typical, as as some of the comments that follow in them, but in some ways most of those defending consoles are missing the point, or making assumptions about the future.

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