From PCs, Phones and Tablets to Cars and TVs?

Word is out now that Apple will not be making a TV, and may have decided to shelve the project (if it existed as anything beyond an experiment) over a year ago. The rumours continue to swirl about Apple designing a car, but don’t be surprised to find out that is also not going to happen. I was reasonably confident Apple wasn’t going to release a television. I’m pretty confident they won’t create a new car. Not all shiny objects are created equal.

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Mac Plus Logo Wide

Vintage Macintosh: Finding Your Theme

Now that I’ve been spending more time on my vintage Macintosh collection, I’ve begun to form the underlying theme for what I’m trying to do. I thought I had one to start, but when I put more time and effort into this, I’ve transformed my goal to something broader. What could have merely been an “accumulation” will hopefully be some kind of meaningful “collection”.

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Have Tablets Found Their Place?

Apple’s latest results showed impressive sales for iPhone and Macs, but the iPad was down again compared to last year (down 22%). Part of that is that the cheaper tablets are gaining in market share, which is to be expected. But tablet sales, outside of the absolute cheapest (and least functional) models are also slowing. Has the tablet established what it is going to do?

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Vintage Macintosh: Floppy Disks

800k FloppyUp until 1998, Macintoshes came with or had available a floppy drive. The first iMac came without a floppy drive (or even one as an official option). If you have a vintage Macintosh, then you will be working with floppy disks, and it is worth revisiting the floppy disk. Continue reading

Vintage Macintosh: Networking Success!

After applying upgrades, and doing a bunch of reading, I finally have my Macintosh SE/30 connected to TCP/IP and able to access the Internet. I’m still working on getting something else working to make my “modern-vintage” bridge a two-way affair. But having FTP access is a big step forward.

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Rethinking An Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch was first announced, I was pretty sure I wanted one. But I recently started to use my Kickstarter Pebble again, just to see if a watch fits my personal workflow, and I’m now rethinking if I’m going to bother. How I use a watch doesn’t match what the device does, and what I expect (or hope) from a smartwatch isn’t what’s being delivered.

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Is Tim Better Than Steve?

A recent Forbes article asks an interesting question: is Tim Cook a better CEO than Steve Jobs was? The article (rightly) focuses on longer-term and overall corporate performance, and not just product design. I agree with the author’s premise, and I think that the comparison bears further examination.¬†What Tim does and what Steve did are two different things.

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