Time To Disconnect?

We live in a world where we can be constantly bombarded with notifications. Our computers, tablets, phones (and now watches) can constantly buzz and beep and chirp, demanding our attention for something. A huge swathe of social media apps all vie for our attention. I think it’s time we take steps to disconnect ourselves a bit, not to disappear, but to change our engagement with these things.

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It’s Been 10 Years? Already?

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs announced a new product called the iPhone. After publicly denying Apple was working on a phone, he demonstrated a device that would help to reshape how we view personal computing. The iPhone doesn’t deserve all the credit. Android played a critical part, and was released around the same time. But the world of computing, mobile or otherwise, has a clear boundary in the year 2007.

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Well, That Was Interesting…

I watched the WWDC 2017 Keynote this morning, and it was a combination of “well, that’s not a surprise” and “hmm, now that’s something to consider”. At least I didn’t find myself wondering when it was going to end, although it was clear they were rushing through some parts to have enough time for some of the more expansive elements.

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Maybe Because They Want To?

A recent Re/code piece tries to explore the motives behind Amazon’s physical bookstores. The author tries to make several assertions that the Amazon spokesperson refutes as the primary motive. Maybe, just maybe, Amazon is doing this simply because they can?

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What About Other Apple Devices?

Since I’m in “let’s review some stuff I have” mode, it’s time to capture some brief thoughts on some of the other Apple devices I use on a regular basis. I broke down and bought a Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2. I’ve also been using the largest iPad Pro for over a year now, and I have what is now a Series 1 Apple Watch. As always, I’ve developed opinions (apparently it’s a thing I do).

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Why A MacBook Pro?

Okay, so after talking about how I wasn’t sure about a new MacBook Pro, I decided to pull the trigger and get one. While the decision was based somewhat on logic, some of it was certainly based on impulse. I won’t pretend it was an entirely rational decision.

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Vintrock Studios

Some may have noticed that my LinkedIn profile changed, indicating I am an “Aspiring Game Designer”. Well, I’ve upgraded that a little: I’m now a Game Builder, and I have co-founded a new company called Vintrock Studios Ltd. with Jonathan Kohl. We’re still working on getting vintrock.com into some semblance of shape (and talking to graphic designers to get a logo and such). But Jonathan and I are going to try our hand at a game for iOS. I won’t say much about it yet, but we’ve made some good progress, and our goal is to have it available this spring. A new chapter for at least the next year, and possibly beyond. We’ll see how it goes. No matter what, at least it will be fun!